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Wimmer can equip your hydraulic excavators with a quick coupler, A-LOCK, Grapplers, clamshells, drills, shears, pulverizers, breakers and various assortments of buckets.

W-lock safety – Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Hydraulic Quick Coupler fits to all kinds of excavators, form locking system pin to point distance is the same as with OEM bucket, no reduction of breakout force, quick and easy handling directly from the cabin, no pressure needed once locked, hydraulic requirements: clamshell rotation hydraulic circuit.

W-Lock mechanical – Quick Coupling System

The locking lever can always be seen by the operator, simple installation without any hydraulic hoses, locking system with triple security, simple locking mechanism, integrated carry hook.

Stone or Demolition & Sorting Clamshell

Limitless hydraulic rotation, oil auxiliaries for turning directly built in the A-Lock coupler, made with WHD 450 integrated holding system for stone positioning, especially created for sorting and demolition work.

Hydraulic Breakers

The hydraulic impact together with the gas accumulator guarantees a constant acceleration of the piston, smooth operation: advanced design of piston, cylinder, side rods and tool assures that all the components operate in perfect alignment, silent: the noise level is greatly reduced by shock absorbing material between the housing and the hammer, no load protection through a hydraulic oil cushion between the cylinder and the piston, the inner bushing of the lower tool guide is easy to exchange and cost effective, multi directional use

Tilt Buckets

Covered cylinders protected against mechanical damage, reduction of maintenance,WHD 450 this special hardox material guarantees minimal abrasion, safe operation a special shock absorbing valve system protects the excavator hydraulic and equipment, individual sizes many sizes available, the right bucket for every job, designed for A-Lock Hydr. connections built directly into the A-Lock coupler

Demolition Shear Topcut

For universal use, jaw exchangeable, special scrap metal jaw, unlimited hydraulic rotation, special wear resisting steel WHD 450, exchangeable cutting edges, universal jaw with 3 cutting edges, high performance, long lifetime

Gator Compact Shears for mini-excavators

For excavators from 1,2 to 15 tons oncrete crusher equipped with scrap metal cutting edge, Hydraulic endless rotation or friction rotary device, Exchangeable jaw (for scrap metal or concrete), and Booster for 350 bar hydraulic working pressure

Rock Rippers

Very long lasting materials, exchangeable wear parts (ESCO), made with WHD 450, simple design strong construction, perfect design for hard rock


The RAPTOR is a Hydraulic cutter heads for excavators which provides high cutting torque, allows accurate profiling and scaling of rock and concrete, 3 drums available : rock / demolition , excavation , scaling, low maintenance, heavy duty bearings, low vibration and low noise, thick walled heavy duty drums, 5 models for excavators from 2 - 55 tons, for underwater usage

Drilling Units

Fully radio remote controlled, all hoses guided with a guide chain, fully proportionally controlled, anti jamming system integrated, automatic feed control, smooth start of drilling operation, no damage when drilling through hollows, automatic single rod changer with easy rod connecting system

Mechanical Grapple

For demolition and sorting works with excavator hydraulic, no hoses no oil supply needed, interchangeable bushings and pins, to fit various excavator types, various positions for opening width, made of WHD 450, long life and high durability.

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