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Hoists and Cranes

Traditional values in design, engineering, and professional expertise are the hallmarks of Harrington

people and products. That’s because Harrington is built upon one of the richest heritages in the history of hoists and cranes.

In 1876, Edwin Harrington dramatically improved the self-sustaining hoist by introducing the worm-gear design. Since then, the company he founded has constantly found ways to add value, introducing such developments as the spur gear hoist, anti-friction bearings, the electric chain hoist, and other innovations.

The hallmark of Harrington value is seen in our comprehensive offering, making us one of the few single-source, U.S. based suppliers of crane systems. It’s also seen in the responsiveness and technical expertise of our dedicated engineering staff, who take personal pride in solving your problems.

Traditional value it’s what we build into all Harrington products, which are used by thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.

Products include:

Lever Hoist, CB Hand Chain Hoist, Mining CB Hand Chain Hoist, CF Hand Chain Hoist, Trolley Hoist, Hoist Load Testers, Crane Systems and End Trucks.


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Truck Bodies
  • Custom Work Trucks:

Royal Truck Body since 1971,  has been the premier manufacturer of custom work trucks in the United States, providing a variety of truck bodies and accessories designed to meet the needs of their customers.

Royal Truck Body is the largest utility truck body manufacturer in the Western United States and is an ISO 9001 certified company. Royal Truck Body makes a large number of different types of utility service bodies as well as mechanics bodies, flatbeds, small dumps, crane bodies, mobile maintenance bodies, etc.

The management team has dedicated itself to delivering quality products at competitive prices. The Company has been a major innovator in service body design--anticipating the needs of its customers. They have a 5,000-square-foot design studio and 145,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. Royal pushes this space even further with an additional 40,0000 sq ft at our satellite locations. This Company has had a continuing pattern of growth since its inception, and its growth recently has been at an ever-accelerating pace. In 1995, Royal Truck Body became a bailment pool company for Chevrolet; in 1997, they became a converter pool company for both Ford and GMC; and in 2000, they added Dodge.

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