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Bradshaw Electric Vehicles specializes in the design and manufacture of electric (battery powered) vehicles.  Bradshaw Electric Vehicles commitment to its customers starts at the pre-sale stage ensuring that you get the best vehicle for the operations required of it.

The major range includes tow tractors from 1000kg to 23000kg capacity, burden carriers for industrial carrying applications from 700kgs to 2500kgs. City center delivery/street cleansing vehicle with speeds up to 40 mph, personnel carriers to move 3 to 8 people for airports/railways and a range of pedestrian controlled tow/carrying vehicles, which can also be customized, to your application.

Since the late 1970’s Bradshaw Electric vehicles have concentrated investment in electric vehicles, financing a considerable expansion plan. Bradshaw Electric vehicles have now achieved a market share of over 50%. In doing so it has achieved a size where it is able to afford customers the benefits and economies of a large-scale operation.

Bradshaw Electric vehicles are ISO9001: 2000 accredited, certificate number 4837 and has an enviable list of long established customers within the motor manufacturing industry, hospitals, local authorities, airports, manufacturing and railway industry.

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